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Go from browsing
to acting.

See how Brutus works.

With the Brutus extension added to your browser, every story of climate change, politics, and social justice becomes an opportunity to act. Find ways to get involved with what you’re reading about – attend events (in-person* and remote), volunteer (in-person or online), sign petitions, donate to causes – by clicking the Brutus icon in your browser.

Go from browsing what inspires you
to discovering what you can do, at a click.

Don’t just read, act.

Try Brutus in Chrome or Brave

*Currently, Brutus only offers in-person actions in the San Francisco Bay Area. Request Brutus in your city.

How Brutus works

Watch the demo.


Add Brutus to your browser in the Chrome Web Store.

Brutus extension in Chrome web store


Activate Brutus on any page using the icon.

Article about climate change with Brutus logo on right side being clicked.


Find actions related to what you’re browsing.

Brutus pop-out window with images for six different activities shown.


Take action to make the change you want.

people picking up garbage on a beach.