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Go from browsing
to acting.

Floods and wildfires filling your news feed?
Stories about upcoming elections making you anxious?
Depressed by another headline of injustice and inequity?

Rebuild wetlands with a local environmental group.
Text to get voters to the polls to rebuild democracy.
Support grassroots change makers with your money or time.

Go from browsing what inspires you
to discovering what you can do, at a click.

Don’t just read, act.

Try Brutus in Chrome or Brave


Activate Brutus on any page using the icon.


Find actions related to what you’re browsing.


Take action to make the change you want.

View the demo.

With the Brutus extension added to your browser, every story of climate change, politics, and social justice becomes an opportunity to act. Find ways to get involved with what you’re reading about – attend events (live and remote), volunteer (in-person or online), sign petitions, donate to causes.

Don’t just read, act.

Currently, Brutus only offers in-person activities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Request Brutus in your city.